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Principal Investigator / Archaeologist

Mr. Nicholas M. Luccketti, a partner, has been surveying and excavating Virginia sites since 1974 for institutions such as the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission (now the Virginia Department of Historic Resources), the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA). At the James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc. (JRIA), Mr. Luccketti is responsible for preparing and managing budgets, directing Phase I, II, and III excavations, managing field crews, monitoring construction, creating predictive models, preparing reports, and representing clients. In addition, Mr. Luccketti served as the senior research archaeologist for five years at the APVA Jamestown Rediscovery Project that discovered the 1607 James Fort at Jamestown, Virginia. He was responsible for supervising and recording the excavations, writing the annual field reports, and was a co-author of three booklets produced by the APVA. In addition to his employment with the APVA, Mr. Luccketti was an adjunct faculty member at Christopher Newport University for four years where he taught a class on Historical Archaeology. As the president and principal archaeologist at the James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc., Mr. Luccketti was either the Principal Investigator or directed staff archaeologists in the successful completion of more than 150 Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III projects that have been approved by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

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